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At Dogs Trust we believe every dog deserves to live life to the full. We won’t rest until we make the world a safe and happy place for dogs – so, together we never have to let any dog down.

We’re here for all dogs, and the people who love and own them. It’s why we’re working to become a global force for good in dog welfare.

In fact, we’ve been helping dogs for over 130 years. In that time, we’ve found forever homes for hundreds of thousands of our faithful friends, dramatically reduced numbers being put to sleep, and helped to all but eliminate strays from the UK’s streets. We’ve instigated the establishment of universal microchipping, campaigned tirelessly on important issues such as puppy smuggling and grown influence and impact on the international stage.

Within the sector, we're distinctive for our track record of genuine innovation and a willingness to challenge conventions, taking well-judged risks where we anticipate that they will open up a significant potential upside. Our campaigns are extremely well-known and highly regarded for their warmth and friendliness, while never sacrificing impact; and our own organisational culture reflects this attractive blend of optimism, care and total commitment.

But we know there’s so much more to do. There are still millions of dogs - and people who love dogs - around the world who need support. We need to grow our reach and impact to help even more dogs – in the UK and beyond. Our new strategy is designed to help us do just that.

Here is what we are currently doing in each of our three vital areas of work:

  1. We’re the best place for dogs in need. When a dog is at risk, we help them get back on their paws with healthcare, training, rehabilitation – and lots of love, of course – at our 21 rehoming centres in the UK and Ireland, and through our fostering scheme.
  2. We’re here to help dog owners every step of the walk. We know life with a pooch isn’t always perfect, so we’re ready to share trusted advice and support online, on the phone or in person, to help foster that all-important bond.
  3. We’re making tomorrow’s world a better place for all dogs. While much of our work is focused on immediately improving the lives of dogs and their owners both here and abroad, we’re always trying to make life better for generations of dogs to come. We campaign on important issues like puppy smuggling, lobbying governments to make policy changes and funding long-term research projects in dog welfare. Overseas, we’re vaccinating and neutering hundreds of thousands of strays and working towards eliminating rabies.

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